Liquor Licenses are issued by the State of Maine after the Select Board approves the application.


The process is:

  1. Fill out the State of Maine Liquor License application.
  2. Take the completed application to the Town Clerk along with the $10 fee for renewals and $110 fee for new.
  3. The Town Clerk sends a copy to the Fire Inspector.
  4. Once the Fire Inspection has been done and any issues rectified, the Fire Inspector will send a final report to the Town Clerk.
  5. The Town Clerk will add a Public Hearing (for new licenses) and the consideration of approval to the Select Board's next meeting agenda.


This whole process can take a month or more, so please submit your application early to avoid needing to request an extension from the State of Maine.


If the establishment is also going to have entertainment, there is also a Special Amusement Permit required by the Town of Raymond.  The Special Amusement Permit has the same expiration date as the Liquor License for the establishment.


Special Amusement Ordinance