Q: Are my trash and recycling days still the same?

A: YES, but your day of the week probably has changed.  Pick up days are now four days a week- check the map to determine your day. Please note that this day may change as things are adjusted to meet everyone's needs.


Q:  Do I have to use a recycling bin to recycle?

A:  NO, you can use any container, up to a 30 gal trash can, JUST MAKE SURE IT IS CLEARLY MARKED FOR RECYCLING. See policy here.


Q:  I saw a trash truck picking up my recycling!  What's going on?

A:  With Zero Sort, recyclables are picked up by a trash truck.  Since materials are co-mingled this saves space by being able to compress them.


Q: Why does it take so long for my trash or reycling to be picked up? 

A:  Whichever is picked up first, that material has to be delivered, then the same truck comes back the same day to pick up the other material.  Ex:  Our recyclables are picked up and delivered to a reloading station in Naples, then the truck comes back, picks up the trash, and delivers it to the trash-to-energy plant in Auburn.


Q:  Should we leave plastic pumps on plastic lotion/sanitizer bottles? 

A:  NO, the spring inside creates a problem.  Recycle the bottle, and trash the pump.


Q:  Should we take the cover off a bottle if it is a different plastic from the bottle? 

A:  Not small covers- they fall through the cracks and get trashed.  However, large covers (like peanut can covers) are OK to separate.


Q:  What about hybrid cans (paperboard/foil sides and metal bottoms)? 

A:  These are OK, but if you can separate the bottoms that's even better.


Q:  I have an old car, I am not sure what to do with it?

A:  You can donate your old car, running or not to several organizations. Simply google search "car donation options". You can also contact your favorite organization and see if they take vehicle donations.